• There are millions of words in the English vocabulary. • Listed here are 10 words that we at Trinka believe are the most beautiful words in the English language. • These words lend a nice rhythm to one's speech since they are phonetically pleasing to the ear.

Robust (adj.)

Meaning: Strong and rich. "Arabica coffee beans have a robust flavor."


Paraphernalia (n.)

Meaning: Activities or events related to miscellaneous articles. "I was amazed by the entire paraphernalia at the carnival."


Euphoria (n.)

Meaning: Intense excitement or joy. "After getting through the selection process of her dream college, Brenda was in a state of euphoria."


Bibliophile (n.)

Meaning: A collector and lover of books. "Mr Kay is a bibliophile and he does not lend the books in his collection to anybody."


Affable (adj.)

Meaning: A friendly and easy-going person. "The new assistant at the law firm is an affable fellow."


Decadence (n.)

Meaning: Excessive self-indulgence often leading to a moral, social, mental, and physical decline. "Celebrities are often believed to lead lives of decadence."


Conjecture (n.)

Meaning: An opinion or conclusion arrived at based on insufficient information. " Is the company actually bankrupt or is it just conjecture?"


Delectable (adj.)

Meaning: Extremely delicious. "Mrs Black had made the most delectable chocolate cake for her daughter’s birthday."


Petrichor (n.)

Meaning: The earthy scent produced when rain falls on dry soil. "If someone asks me what my favourite smells are it would definitely include petrichor."


Memorabilia (n.)

Meaning: Things that have value due to its association with a memorable public or private event. "The décor of that restaurant was full of sports memorabilia."