Adapt: It either refers to changing something to make it more suitable for a particular use or to adjusting to a new environment.

Adopt: It is used whenever something is chosen, taken over, accepted, or approved by choice.

When is Adapt used?

• Changing something to suit something • Adjusting to a new environment. • In literature and film, adapt is used to show a piece of work is made by modifying work from another genre or medium.

Examples for using Adapt

• Milli cosmetics are adapted to suit all skin types. • I adapted myself to the California environment very quickly. • J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter was adapted for television.

When is Adopt used ? 

• When something is taken over, • To be chosen, accepted or approved by choice. • It is also used to legally take a child home as a part of the family.

Examples for using Adopt

• I always adopt healthy eating habits for my well-being. • Most kings adopted high-sounding titles such the lord of the three worlds, Maharaja, etc. • They decided to adopt Ken and raise him as their child.

How to use Adapt & Adopt in academic writing?

While adapt can be transitive or intransitive which means it may or may not have reference to a direct object, ‘adopt’ will always be transitive and have a reference to a direct object.

Examples unique to Academic & Technical Writing

Incorrect: We adapted Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution for our study. Correct: We adopted Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution for our study.