Between: Refers to two objects or people Among: Refers to three or more things or people.

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When to Use

When referring to two items or people, between is used, and among when referring to three or more.


The parents divided the tasks between Tony and Sam.The teacher distributed books among David, George, and Hillary.

Exemption #1

When there are three or more things or people that differ from each other, you can use between.


He had to choose between playing, cycling, swimming, and reading.The trade happened between the USA, Canada, and Mexico.

Exemption #2

In relation to a group or a spatial relationship, it is correct to use among.


The politicians started arguing among themselves.She felt awkward among her new neighbours.

Exemption #3

Sometimes among is spelled amongst, but the meaning is the same.

Example in Academic Writing

Incorrect: We tested the reaction among Tetryl and Enol.Correct: We tested the reaction between Tetryl and Enol.