Disc: refers to a round object like a CD, a Frisbee, or a part of the body situated between the spinal bones. Disk: Is used for circular objects

Difference Between Disc & Disk

• Both words refer to thin, flat, or circular objects. • Disc and disk are just different spellings of the same word. • Additionally, the pronunciation is the same, but the usage depends on the writing convention.

When is Disc used? 

• Disc is the preferred spelling in British English. • It is often used to refer to a round object, such as a CD or a Frisbee, or to a part of the body located between the vertebrae.

Examples of Using Disc

I love throwing the Frisbee with my friends.Mary has a slipped disc; she is advised bed rest.He is the most popular disc jockey in town.

When is  Disk Used?

• Disk is also used in American English for circular objects. • Computer hardware is also called disks. • Rectangular storage devices such as floppy diskettes and hard drives are also called disks.

Examples of Using Disk

I copied all my music on a hard disk.Floppy disks have become obsolete. We hope we have helped you get clarity on the difference between disc and disk.