Idea: Ideas are rough mental impressions. It could be a thought, a suggestion, an opinion, a belief, or maybe even an intention.

Concept: Concepts are based on facts or logic. Concepts can also be established procedures.

 Samples of how Idea is used?

She has been pondering over the idea of writing a travelogue.I had no idea that the approval would come through so soon.

Samples of how Concept is used?

• Concepts taught at school must be applied in daily life. • The new restaurant in our neighborhood introduced the concept of comfort food.


In all these examples, we see that idea denotes a mere impression in the mind. Concept and idea share the same meaning, but concept has other meanings too. In the examples, concept is used to suggest a well-thought-out procedure or an abstract principle.

Difference between Idea & Concept

Concepts are refined notions developed after extensive analysis whereas ideas represent rough mental constructs. Ideas are usually the result of individual efforts. In contrast, establishing a concept requires a group.

Idea v/s Concept in Academic Writing

Concepts are discussed, formulated, and revised in detail. Based on evidence and investigations, these concepts have been developed. So, it's absolutely wrong to use a word as generic as an idea to describe something as solid as a concept!

Examples of Idea and Concept

Incorrect: Temporal logic is based on the idea of ​​time intervals. Correct: Temporal logic is based on the concept of time intervals. Time intervals are established principles. As a result, the word concept is used in this sentence.