Result in: The act of causing (something) to occur or producing (something). Yield: The act of producing (something).

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When to Use Result in

1. To cause (something) to happen or to produce (something). 2. In addition, it means that something happened as a result of another event.


His addiction to alcohol resulted in his untimely death.The unfair verdict resulted in a mass protest.Incorporation of medical exercise therapy in daily routine resulted in decreased depression and anxiety.

When to Use Yield

1. It means to produce (something). 2. In addition, yield means to give way. 3.Yield can also be used as a noun to describe the result, or the amount of substance produced by a chemical reaction.


The apple tree yields many fruits every year.Well-analyzed investments yield good returns.The road signs said that cyclists are to yield to pedestriansMedia temperature affects the yield of xanthan gum.