Then: It is an adverb, indicates something happened after something else, generally used as a reference to time. It provides a chronology of events. Than: It is an conjunction. Similar to 'and' and 'but', which are used to Compare two objects or phrases in a sentence.

When is Then used?

• It indicates that something happened after something. • It may also be used in an 'if... then' construction where a condition must be met to perform a given action. • When used as an adjective, then describes someone or something holding a former position.

Examples of Then

I threw a final glance at the clock and then went to sleep. If the weather does not clear out, then I might have to take a cab home.The proposal was not accepted by then Vice-President of the company.

When is Than used?

• Used to compare two objects or phrases in a sentence. • Is also a part of some popular phrases like more than, less than, rather than, other than etc.

Examples of Than

She is brighter than any other student in her class.The amount of funds Jack has is more than what he needs.I get to sleep for less than 6 hours a day.No one attended the party other than Betty and Smith.

Pro-tips to Remember the Difference

• If you are talking about a particular time, use then. • When you are describing a comparison, use than.