Word: #1


– 45 letters – A lung disease caused by inhaling silica dust from volcanoes – First coined in the early 20th century

It takes the crown as the longest word in the English language. 

Word: #2


– 34 letters – Extremely good or wonderful – Popularized by the movie Mary Poppins

It's a delightful and expressive word that perfectly captures the feeling of being exceptionally good or wonderful.

Word: #3


– 30 letters – A rare genetic disorder affecting the parathyroid glands – Discovered in the 1940s

It describes a rare genetic disorder that affects the parathyroid glands, leading to imbalances in calcium and phosphate levels.

Word: #4


– 29 letters – The act of making something trivial or worthless – Originated in the 18th century

It means the act of making something trivial or worthless.

Word: #5


– 28 letters – Opposition to the separation of church and state – First used in the 19th century

It means opposition to the separation of church and state.