Upgrade Alert! Trinka AI is now 40% more powerful. It's much faster, more accurate, and corrects more errors than ever before. Also, note that Trinka does not use ChatGPT/GPT-X. It uses our own proprietary patented AI technology for grammar corrections and suggestions. 🎉

Online Paraphraser

Improve the Clarity of Your Writing

Discover the power of AI-powered paraphrasing that understands your intent and offers suggestions to make your writing clear, coherent, and grammatically correct.

  • Adjust the variation of paraphrased text
  • Choose from multiple paraphrased alternatives
  • Paraphrase efficiently as you write
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Key Features of Trinka Paraphraser

Learn about Trinka's advanced paraphraser and its intuitive features that make rephrasing quick and easy.

Speed-up Paraphrasing

Paraphraser has been seamlessly integrated into Trinka's existing software so that you can enjoy it within their familiar user interface.

Adjust the Level of Variation

Trinka allows you to determine the extent of the changes you want to make by enabling you to adjust the degree of rephrasing according to your liking.

Choose from Multiple Paraphrased Alternatives

Trinka provides alternatives of the paraphrased text, allowing you to improve coherency.

Replace paraphrased text effortlessly

With Trinka, you can easily replace your original content by your paraphrased one with a couple of clicks, and it will automatically be inserted into your document.

Review Changes and Finalize

With Trinka, you can view the paraphrased text and identify the changes made in the original text as tracked changes.

Why Choose Trinka Paraphraser


Improve Efficiency

Save valuable time and enhance productivity, with Trinka paraphraser integrated within the editor - allowing you to work on a single platform.


Paraphrase Effectively

Get complete control over the final output with Trinka Paraphraser, allowing you to adjust the degree of rephrasing and select from multiple options that best fit your intent.


Improve Clarity

Boost clarity and coherence while paraphrasing with Trinka paraphraser. It checks your sentences for grammar, spelling, and structure issues.

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Trinka Paraphraser API

Enhance the clarity of your content by incorporating Trinka's paraphrasing capabilities directly into your organizations workflows.

  • Fast and Scalable - Trinka's rapid paraphrasing will help boost your teams content production and improve overall productivity. It's easily scalable with your organization's growing needs.
  • Data Security - All your data is under a highly encrypted environment. Your content remains confidential, no matter the volume of text you're working with.
  • Customizable - Paraphrasing levels and the number of rephrase options can be customized across your organization to ensure consistency. Achieve clarity and uniformity effortlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Trinka paraphraser allows users to paraphrase content without any cost. However, with the Basic plan, there is a monthly limit of 5000 words for paraphrasing, in addition to the 5000 words available for grammar checking.

For those seeking unrestricted access, the Premium plan is the ideal choice. With the Premium plan, there are no limitations, enabling users to paraphrase content as extensively as they require, without any restrictions. Upgrade Now!

Yes, Trinka follows the highest level of data security standards and adheres to numerous compliance measures. Rest assured, your data is completely secure and treated with the utmost confidentiality.

Absolutely, you have full control over the degree of variation. You can specify the document type and even choose from multiple paraphrased options to ensure that the content aligns perfectly with your preferences.

Trinka specializes in academic and technical writing, making it the top choice for handling technical or specialized content. Our tool is tailored to maintain accuracy and specificity in such documents.