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Industry Tailored Solutions for
Improved Writing

Trinka helps your teams create professional documents efficiently, while ensuring quality and consistency.

Life Sciences, Medicine & Pharma

Trinka's powerful AI understands the technical complexities and precision required in medical and scientific writing. Trinka's suggestions are contextual and subject-specific.

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Language Services, Publishing & Media

Enable your teams to write consistently, publish faster, and boost customer experience. Reduce writing time and costs without compromising on quality.

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Academic Institutions

Trinka polishes your writing to comply with academic writing conventions and best practices to make it publication ready.

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K-12 & E-Learning

Trinka’s advanced AI not only helps students improve their writing but also learn best academic writing practices as they write.

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Technology Platforms

Trinka allows you to add real-time writing support within your application with ease. Build unique solutions by offering Trinka's writing suggestions.

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3 Ways to Integrate Trinka

Power up all your teams to write better. Enterprise users get unlimited access and attractive benefits. Choose the integration option best suited for your need.

get trinkaapi

01 Get Trinka JS

Enable Trinka for all your team members by simply inserting a small JavaScript (JS) code snippet into your browser or any application. Avoid the need for complicated integrations and get the power of Trinka with this easy-to-use feature.

  • Simple integration

    Just insert a small JavaScript snippet into your application and enable your users to start writing better with Trinka.

  • Safe and secure

    All your data is under a highly encrypted environment. TrinkaJS works in real-time and does not save anything on our servers.

  • Unmatched flexibility

    The simple-to-use JS snippet is easy to integrate and resilient too. It easily scales with your growing team & business.

02 Get Trinka API

Need Trinka within your product? Trinka’s powerful API lets you easily integrate it into any application. The simple-to-use API offers high reliability and scalability.

  • Robust API

    Trinka API offers high service availability so you get the help you need any time you want.

  • API customizations

    Have unique needs for your application? Just ask. Trinka API is highly customizable.

  • Unmatched flexibility

    The powerful API is easy to use and resilient too. Trinka matches your product scale to scale.

apitrinka api
api text
trinka premise

03 Get Trinka On Premise

Working with highly sensitive data? Trinka On Premise is the best solution for you! Get Trinka to work for you on your enterprise infrastructure.

  • Dedicated support

    With Trinka On Premise, you get dedicated service personnel working specifically with your IT staff for hassle-free integration.

  • Safe and secure

    With Trinka AI working on your enterprise infrastructure, your data is completely secure & safe.

  • Unmatched flexibility

    With easy integration and dedicated support service, Trinka easily scales with your organization's growing team & business.

Trinka Simplifies Invoices with Support for Local Currency.

Trinka offers seamless invoices (Seikyu-sho, Fapiao, Yeongeumjeung, Fatura) in multiple local currencies of JPY, CNY, BRL, TRY, KRW, INR, USD, TWD. Organizations can also ease the invoicing process by clubbing multiple accounts into a single invoice in their own local currency.

local invoice

IP Whitelisting

IP whitelisting is a security feature to help protect sensitive data and systems from unauthorized access. It is beneficial for your business as it can enhance security by controlling who can view those resources, complying with regulations, improving productivity, and saving money. IP whitelisting is achieved by limiting access only to specific IP addresses from a trusted source.

The benefits


Our IP whitelisting security feature allows access to Trinka only from specified IP addresses and below are the benefits.

Enhanced security Enhanced security

Trinka can be accessed only from trusted IP addresses, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and cyber attacks

Controlled Access Controlled Access

Administrators have granular control of who can access Trinka by quickly blocking or unblocking access to specific IP addresses

Reduced downtime Reduced downtime

IP whitelisting controls and reduces the risk of denial-of-service (DoS) attacks and stoppages that can affect genuine users

Better compliance Better compliance

Allows organizations to meet strict industry regulatory compliances, especially where IP whitelisting is a mandate.

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