Grammar Checker API

Simple, Fast AI Grammar Check API

Trinka's AI powered grammar check delivered via a simple RESTful API to enable powerful real-time or passive grammar checks right within your application.

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Grammar Check API

Unique Integrations to Power Bespoke Applications

Content Management Systems
Online Writing Platforms
Messaging Apps/Social Platforms
CRM + Helpdesk Software
Email Clients
Project Management Software
E-learning Platforms
Learning Management Systems

Text or Files - Trinka APIs Let You Choose

Build seamless integrations with Trinka grammar check APIs that meet your workflow and technical requirements.

Real-time Check API

Trinka's real-time checks power applications that need instant writing corrections on learning platforms, editors, chat applications, and the like.

  • Flexibility to pass on lines, paragraphs, or larger text collections
  • Simple response payload for all input formats
  • Flexibility to pay by text volume or per API call
Real-time Check API

File-edit API

Trinka's file edit API lets you support unique workflow needs while avoiding complex integrations and a high volume of API calls.

  • Get edited files with a single API call
  • Tracked changes for versioning and user control
  • Writing quality scores and revision summaries for assessments
File-edit API

Access All of Trinka's Features with a Simple API

Trinka grammar check APIs offer comprehensive writing assistance ranging from advanced English grammar corrections to tone and style enhancements. Pick and choose the features that suit your needs!

Trinka's grammar and spelling check APIs refine the way you write to match academic writing conventions and best practices while letting you focus more on your ideas.

Trinka grammar checker APIs also provide additional features like Technical Phrasing, Academic Tone, Unbiased language, Word Choice, Usage and Style, and more.  

Advanced Grammar

Advanced Grammar

Best for academic & formal communication

Custom Dictionaries

Custom Dictionaries

Improve suggestions and stay on brand

Contextual Spelling

Contextual Spelling

Picks correct terms based on your subject

Tips & Explanations

Tips & Explanations

Explainable AI suggestions for users

Style Guide Preference

Style Guide Preference

Suggests corrections based on style guides (AMA, APA, etc.)

Subject-specific Corrections

Subject-specific Corrections

Automatic subject detection & precise suggestions

See What Trinka Grammar Checker API Can Do for You

Unique Use Cases Powered by Trinka Grammar Check API

E-Learning Applications

The Trinka grammar check API has helped application developers polish their learners' writing to meet academic standards.

Publishing & Editorial

Trinka's grammar checking API helps editorial staff with assistive text correction, saving them time and cost to quality.


The robust checks by Trinka's grammar check API have students communicate effectively in forums & groups, improving student engagement.


Trinka's grammar check API has empowered several teams to write better without sacrificing on clarity, consistency or brand perception.

Productivity Platforms

Trinka's real-time API let productivity platforms offer unique writing assistance to help their users be more productive.

Flexible Pricing that Works Best for You

We work with you to identify the best pricing model that gives you the best value. We support text volume based, file volume based, or API call volume based pricing options to match your exact need.

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Trinka Simplifies Invoices with Support for Local Currency.

Trinka offers seamless invoices (Seikyu-sho, Fapiao, Yeongeumjeung, Fatura) in multiple local currencies of JPY, CNY, BRL, TRY, KRW, INR, USD, TWD. Organizations can also ease the invoicing process by clubbing multiple accounts into a single invoice in their own local currency.

local invoice

Safe, Secure, and Trusted

Trinka puts data safety and privacy at the forefront. All your data is strongly encrypted and securely stored - no one else has access to your data. We offer unique plans that completely eliminate saving any data once you receive writing suggestions.


About Trinka

Trinka uses the latest Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies to correct grammar errors and suggest language enhancements. Our AI is trained on millions of well-written papers and articles covering 1300+ subject areas including medical, life sciences, physical sciences, engineering, humanities, business, and arts to give you the most relevant suggestions.

Trinka is developed by a team of linguists, editors, data scientists, and engineers with a deep desire to create a future with barrier-free communication.


Frequently Asked Questions

Our grammar checker APIs can be used for many different uses. Here are some of the things that our current clients use our API for:

  1. Automated marking of essays.
  2. Adding grammar checking to text editors in applications.
  3. Improving the quality of copy editing services.
  4. Checking websites for grammar issues.
  5. Providing feedback for learners of English.
  6. Checking translated text for grammar mistakes.
✅ ChecksAdvanced Grammar & Spelling
⌛ AI-poweredRestful API
✍ Data PrivacySafe, Secure, Trusted
🔠 FeaturesStyle Guide Preference, Subject-specific Corrections, Contextual Spelling

Integrating real-time checking into a text editor is a common use case. Grammar checking has become an expected feature anytime somebody writes. We've made it easy to integrate grammar checking into any online editor. We've build a grammar checking component that makes this easy. You should be able to integrate grammar and spellchecking into your editor in a few minutes. It's also easy to customize the look of the component so it matches your company styles. You can even add keyboard shortcuts and other customizations.

Yes, you can try our API for free. Just reach out to us!

Yes! We provide detailed documentation and integration support to help you integrate the Trinka API. Just reach out to us!