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Trinka is an AI-powered writing assistant that checks your text for grammar, spelling, style, and consistency errors and gives corrective and actionable feedback. It also goes beyond correction and suggests the finest tone and style enhancements. In addition, Trinka checks your writing for biased and sensitive language, gives you tips on concise writing, reduces redundant expressions, writes discipline-specific phrases and terms, and uses academic writing features like hedge words, contractions, and formal English. Moreover, it also checks if your manuscript is publication-ready.

While several grammar checkers are available for general English, very few focus on academic English writing, terminology, scientific convention, and publication readiness-related issues. Trinka is specifically built for academic writers who are inexperienced in written English. In our recent comparison, we found that Trinka is the writing assistant that suits academic writing the best as it is most accurate and covers a wide range of writing issues. Click here to read the whitepaper.

Trinka is trained with millions of manuscripts from different subject areas and uses a combination of Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms and grammar rules that are regularly updated and stringently tested.

Trinka is specifically designed for academic content. Hence, it performs the best on academic/technical content. Our assessments on relevant data sets show that we generally achieve >90% precision and >80% recall. This is the most important balance that we maintain and is of course critical to achieving the best results on academic/technical content. The results may vary based on the subject. Trinka gets better with every feedback that you give.

Yes. Trinka's Basic plan is completely free to use. However, it does come with a few limitations and restrictions. You can check out our Pricing section for more details.

Trinka is an AI-powered grammar checkers tool that checks for 3000+ complex grammar errors, tone and style enhancements, formats according to APA and AMA style guides, and works on all subject areas.

This depends on the quality of original writing. If you are not a native English speaker and make several complex mistakes that are to do with logical construction in English, then an expert proofreader would be beneficial. Trinka can correct thousands of grammatical errors and complex writing issues. However, AI has its limitations. It cannot decipher your intended meaning if the construction is not logical. In contrast, if you have sufficient knowledge of the English language to confidently form logically correct constructs, then Trinka will take care of the remaining issues such as tone, word choice, grammatical constructions, spellings, and much more.

Yes, Trinka works well with all forms of academic and research writing. You can definitely use for your theses, research papers, reports, essays, and more.

Currently Trinka supports MS Word files (doc/docx) and LaTeX (.tex) file

Trinka's AI model learns from millions of published content. However, there are times when it encounters new words. If it highlights a word as misspelled when you are sure that it is rightly spelled, just add it to your personal Trinka dictionary (look for the 'Add to dictionary' button on the suggestion cards). Once you add a word to your dictionary, Trinka will not highlight it as an error.

Trinka helps improve your writing to eliminate language issues. Plagiarism is when you use published text without citing the source correctly. While using Trinka will not introduce plagiarism, but we recommend running your document through our Plagiarism Check to make sure you have not accidentally plagiarised content.

Yes, you can use the APA style guide option built into Trinka to apply all APA linguistic/writing preferences. Do note that Trinka currently does not apply APA preferences such as page margins, numbering, headings styles, etc.

No. Trinka is designed to work with English content.

Yes! You can access the Trinka web site on your computer (PC, Mac, Chromebooks), tablets (iPad, Android, Windows), mobile devices (iOS, Android, other operating systems). You can access Trinka on any device that supports a modern web browser.

Yes. Trinka's powerful API lets you integrate it on any application. The simple-to-use API offers high reliability and scalability. Visit our Enterprise section for more details.

Yes. However, do note that you cannot work on the same file from more than one location. You can edit a file within Trinka from only one device/browser at a time.

Trinka Word Plug-In is compatible on Microsoft Word 2010 and above on Windows. Click here for more details.

Yes. You can install Trinka's Chrome browser plug-in from here

Yes. You can install Trinka's Firefox browser plug-in from here

Yes. You can install Trinka's Edge browser plug-in from here

Websites that allow creating content can have varying architectures and designs. Sometimes, a website may interfere with how the Trinka extension reads your writing. Do share your feedback on sites where it is not working correctly, and we wil find the way to make it work. You can always write to us at support@trinka.ai for any help.

Absolutely, Just install our browser plug-in for your favourite browser and let Trinka do it's magic. You can find the browser plug-in here

Absolutely, Just install our browser plug-in for your favourite browser and let Trinka do it's magic. You can find the browser plug-in here

Absolutely, Just install our browser plug-in for your favourite browser and let Trinka do it's magic. You can find the browser plug-in here

Yes, Trinka now support LaTeX files also.

There is a possibility that the first correction may have rendered the second correction (or other corrections) unnecessary. Do note that after the user accepts one of the suggestions and makes a change to the sentence, Trinka rechecks the revised sentence for errors.

Writing Adviser is designed for writers who wish to employ an academic tone in their texts. These features are unique to academic English writing and scientific convention. It provides feedback on hedge or booster words, weak modifiers, passive voice sentences that can be changed to the active voice, and the overall quality of sentences. Enhancements cover only those aspects of writing which are grammatically sound but have scope for further improvement and polishing, e.g., reducing the word count employing concise words, neutralizing biased or sensitive language, or using simpler words in place of longer, complex ones.

No, Trinka needs an active internet connection to check your text for errors. However, you can try our Proofread File feature which allows you to upload your MS Word file and download a tracked changed version for offline review.

Currently, we support MS Word files (doc/docx), txt files, and rtf files and LaTeX (.tex) files.

Unlike other tools, Trinka lets you choose a plagiarism check that is tailored to your individual needs - whether you need to check Internet content or Internet content + paid publications. In partnership with Turnitin, Trinka provides superior plagiarism detection technology that is trusted by large academic publishers worldwide.

This issue can be triggered due to various reasons.

  1. Your credit card doesn't support international transactions
  2. You entered incorrect details
  3. You have exhausted your credit limit.

If the problem persists, please contact your bank.

Trinka currently accepts credit cards for payments. All credit cards that support international transactions should work. If you are facing issues with your payment method, you can write to us at support@trinka.ai

At the bottom left of the payments screen, look for "Have a coupon?". Add your discount/coupon code and click on Apply. The discount will be automatically applied and displayed on the applicable plan. Choose the plan and proceed with the payment.

We provide invoices for all subscriptions with the University name/Lab name and if needed the fund details as well. We understand that each university has different requirements and we fulfill their requirements. We also provide invoices in these languages - Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish and Portuguese. To get a customized invoice please buy a subscription and then email us at support@trinka.ai with the following details: Organization/University name, Address, VAT/TAX ID.

Once you install the browser plug-in, you will need to log in to your Trinka account through it. If you are facing difficulties logging in, please write to us at support@trinka.ai

As per our policy, we do not issue refunds for purchased subscriptions. You can write to us at support@trinka.ai to cancel auto-renewals for your subscription.

Yes, the subscription renews automatically. If you wish to cancel the auto-renewal, follow the steps below:

  • Sign In to your Trinka account.
  • Click on the “Account settings” button from the top right corner of your dashboard.
  • Click on the “cancel subscription renewal” link given in the subscription.

Please write to us at support@trinka.ai. You will soon be able to do so from your account settings.

Yes. Team licenses attract discounts depending on the size of the team. You can write to us at sales@trinka.ai for a customized quote for your team.

No, You do not need to download any software to use Trinka. Simply log in from a web browser and start using Trinka. However, you will need to install our MS Word Add-in (coming soon) if you want to use Trinka grammar checkers in Microsoft Word.

A contextual spelling checker identifies a correctly spelled word used in the wrong context. For example, the intended word "site" might become the word "sight." An ordinary spell checker cannot identify such an error.

General writing and technical writing both follow the same rules of grammar, spelling, and punctuation. However, technical writing has a professional tone and style, and includes reporting facts, details, statistics, etc. Technical writing does not contain opinions, while general writing does.

Technical writing focuses on providing detailed and clear information about the service or product. Academic writing focuses on proving a theory or a viewpoint and emphasizes one specific subject.

Yes. You can access Trinka Cloud (the Trinka web site) on all operating systems. We will soon be releasing the Trinka Microsoft Word add-in for both Windows and Mac computers.

Yes. Trinka's affiliate program allows you to earn while you refer customers to our website. It is easy and free to join. You can find more details here.

No, Trinka has no access to sensitive information such as passwords or credit card information.

We take privacy and data security very seriously. We use 256-bit Public/Private key encryption for data and file transfers and hold high-assurance SSL Certificates—a worldwide accepted security certificate and the highest measure to prevent threats. We do not share your private data with any third party. Should you have any concern or need more information, please contact us at support@trinka.ai.

You can refer Trinka to someone by sharing your unique referral coupon. You can follow the below path to access your unique referral coupon:

  • Sign in to Trinka
  • Go to “My Drive”
  • Click on “Refer Trinka” option on the left menu
  • Click on “Copy coupon”

To refer Trinka to someone, you must have a Trinka account. Note that users on the Trinka institutional plan or Trinka enterprise plan cannot refer others using their organizational Email ID.

You can refer individuals to Trinka who:

  • Are not users of Trinka institutional plan or Trinka enterprise plan
  • Have never previously purchased a Trinka subscription
  • Are not currently subscribed to a plan
  • Have not previously purchased Trinka credits

No, there is no limit on the number of eligible users you can refer.

A referral is considered successful when the referee, who can be your friend, family member, colleague, or anyone in your network, successfully uses your unique referral coupon at checkout to purchase a Trinka subscription.

For every successful referral, you'll receive a reward equivalent to 10% of the purchase price in your Trinka account. For example, if the referee purchases a plan worth $125, you will receive a referral reward of $12.5 (10% of $125) in your Trinka account.

After signing in to Trinka, you can see your referral rewards beside the Credits section on Trinka’s “My Drive” page.

You can use your referral rewards in the following ways:

  • To purchase any subscription plan on Trinka
  • To upgrade your existing Trinka subscription
  • It will be automatically applied on the renewal of your existing subscription

Definitely!! With no limit on the number of users you can refer, Trinka’s referral program gives you the unique benefit of using your referral rewards to make purchases completely free.

No your unique referral coupon and the referral rewards you earn will never expire.

You can use the referral coupon to purchase any subscription plan on Trinka by applying the coupon code at checkout.

Yes, there are the below 2 restrictions on the usage of referral coupons:

  • Referral coupons are only applicable on Trinka subscription plan purchases.
  • You can use Referral coupons only once to get a discount on purchasing a Trinka subscription plan.

A referral coupon will be invalid at checkout if you currently have an active subscription or have previously purchased a Trinka subscription or credits.

No, referral rewards are only applicable on subscription purchases, upgrades, and renewals.

If you are on the Trinka Premium Plus plan, your referral rewards will automatically be applied when your subscription renews.

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