A Comparison of Trinka with Grammarly and LanguageTool on Academic Text.

Why do you need this Whitepaper?

Several grammar checkers are available for general English, but rarely does one focuses specifically on academic English writing, terminology, scientific convention, and publication-readiness-related issues.

Digging into this whitepaper will equip you to make the most informed decision while evaluating and on-boarding a writing assistant, grammar checker, and language corrector tool for your personal, professional, academic or technical writing.

This whitepaper will give you the precise understanding and data-backed image of how Trinka suits academic writing the best because it strikes a fine balance between accuracy & coverage and its unique publication-readiness-specific features.

Key takeaways


Specific pain-points of writers, authors, and professional academic writers worldwide.


Workability and limitations of currently available writing assistants.


Brief comparison of Trinka vs. Grammarly vs. LanguageTool.


Trinka edges over all other writing assistants.

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