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Flexibility to Use Trinka Features as You Need

Credits are like tokens that offer the flexibility to use different Trinka features as and when needed. Premium users get 10 and Basic users get 4 free credits every month!

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Use Credits on Your Favorite Features

Featureicon Credits Consumed
Trinka Plagiarism Check

Get highest quality of plagiarism check against Internet sources and some Open Access publications, powered by iThenticate.

12 credits for every report

iThenticate Plagiarism Check

Get highest quality of plagiarism check against Internet, Open Access, and paid publications, powered by iThenticate.

18 credits for every report

Proofread File

Automatically edit MS Word files in minutes and download a tracked changed file with all changes.

1 credit for every 5000 words
in a file

Publication Readiness Checks

Evaluates your document for publication readiness against 20+ checkpoints - Journal Selection, Ethical Compliance, and more.

1 credit for every report

Citation Checker

Identify citations that can make your research argumentation weaker and cite credible, strong citations for your paper.

1 credit for up to 30 citations

Credits Availability

All Trinka users get free credits every 30 days. Unused credits lapse and are reset every 30 days.

Purchase additional credits when you need. Purchased credits never expire. To know more about credit packs, click here.


Free Users


(free credits every 30 days)


Paid Users


(free credits every 30 days)

How It Works

Let us consider a use case of an individual who is on a Basic plan and has registered on the 5th of January.

Case 1
05-JanOpening free Credit Balance4
10-JanUsed 1 credit for Proofread File-13
05-FebFree Credit Balance Reset *+44
Case 2 (Basic User)
05-JanOpening free Credit Balance4
10-JanUsed 2 credits for Proofread File-22
25-JanPurchased 2-credit pack+24
05-FebFree Credit Balance Reset (4 Free + 2 Paid) *+46
Case 3 (Premium User)
05-JanOpening free Credit Balance10
10-JanPurchased 2-credit pack+212
25-JanUsed 4 credits for Proofread File-48
05-FebFree Credit Balance Reset (10 Free + 2 Paid) *+1012
* Free credits expire every month

Credit Balance


Check Your Credit Balance & Buy Credits

Your Credit balance is shown on all relevant pages. Clicking on the value lets you see more details and buy more credits.


Credits Needed to Use Trinka Features

When you use a credit-based feature, the number of credits needed to use that feature will be displayed to you, before you use it.

Buying Credits

You can buy Credit packs whenever you need. Credit packs let you buy several credits at once and use them anytime.

Purchased credits never expire. You get great discounts too! Even better, free credits are always used first automatically!

Credit PacksBasic
Free monthly Credits410
per credit

Credits for Teams and Enterprise

Trinka's Enterprise plans let you buy credits for each team or for the organization, per your need. Enterprise plans also allow flexible credit distribution and bulk credit purchases.

Frequently Asked Questions

Credit purchases cannot be refunded. Purchased credits remain with you until you use them.

When you upgrade to Premium, your credit balance will reset to 10, regardless of unused free credits.

Your purchased credits remain with you when you upgrade, and you can use them any time you want.

You can buy as many credits as you want, there is no limit on credit purchases.