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Make your writing impactful with advanced grammar and style suggestions. Get contextual subject-specific corrections to improve your writing.

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Goes Beyond Just Grammar & Spelling

Refine and enhance your writing holistically with advanced grammar checks, ensuring excellence at every stage

Advanced Grammar

Correct complex
grammar errors to make your writing clear.

Sentence Structure

Structure sentences correctly for easy understanding.


Convey your intent accurately with suitable word choices.


Communicate effectively
in your audience's style, choosing US/UK English.

Usage &

Enhance writing impact with better phrasing and formal tone.


Reduce spelling errors and improve your writing with contextual spell checks.

One Grammar Checker for Many Languages

Specializes in Academic and Technical Writing

From advanced English grammar errors to scientific tone and style, Trinka finds difficult academic writing errors that other grammar checkers don't!

Let Trinka Take Care of Your Writing!

Adapts Spelling Suggestions to your Context

Receive tailored spelling suggestions for your specific writing domain using our Advanced Spell Checker

Contextual Spelling Corrections

Trinka understands the context of your sentences by going beyond surface-level fixes. It also ensures that the corrections blend seamlessly into your writing to maintain flow and coherence.

Technical Term

Trinka’s advanced algorithms ensure that your industry-specific terminology is recognized and retained, allowing you to confidently convey your technical expertise.

Built in Domain-Specific Dictionaries

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Cloud Editor

Write within a secured web-based application

MS Word Add-In

Access writing suggestions within MS Word

Browser Plugins

Get real-time writing assistance on any website

Enterprise-Grade Grammar Check API

Enable powerful grammar checks within your application workflows with Grammar Check API

  • Flexibility to pass on documents, lines, paragraphs, or larger text collections
  • Simple response payload for all input formats
  • Flexibility to pay by word count, volume, or per API call
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