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Key Features of Trinka Cloud

Trinka Cloud lets you write anywhere you want. With real-time advanced English grammar corrections, Trinka is always with you. The Trinka web editor is feature-rich and saves your work automatically. Even better, you can import and export your documents too! Effective writing has never been so convenient!

Grammar Checker

English Grammar Checker

Get real-time writing suggestions and advanced grammar checks for your content wherever you write.

Grammar Checker

Multilingual Grammar Check

Easily perfect your writing in Spanish and German with our advanced Grammar Checker. Trinka automatically detects the language and suggests improvements.

auto file


Upload your MS Word document and sit back while Trinka auto-edits it in minutes. You can then download and finalize it.



Paraphrase as you write with AI that understands your intent and offers suggestions to make your writing clear, coherent, and grammatically correct.


Plagiarism Check

Experience the most advanced text similarity detection algorithm, iThenticate and the largest paid publication database covering all scientific fields.

publication readiness

Publication Readiness Check

Evaluates on 20+ checkpoints, ranging from Journal Selection to Ethical Compliance, for publication success.

consistency check

Consistency Check

Trinka's Consistency Check fixes inconsistencies that are hard-to-find, especially in a lengthy document.

reference quality

Citation Checker

Identifies citations that can make your research premise and argumentation weaker and helps you cite credible, strong citations for your paper.



Identifies the right journal by comparing the concepts in your paper against millions of publications and publication trends.

style guide

Style Guide Preferences

Tailor the grammar & word choice of your manuscript to comply with popular academic style guides (AMA 11th, AGU 2017).

add to dictionary

Add to Dictionary

Add your own words to "My Dictionary" and Trinka will not flag them as spelling errors in your future writing.

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