Upgrade Alert! Trinka AI is now 40% more powerful. It's much faster, more accurate, and corrects more errors than ever before. Also, note that Trinka does not use ChatGPT/GPT-X. It uses our own proprietary patented AI technology for grammar corrections and suggestions. 🎉

Proofreading Tools

Free Online Proofreading Tools by Trinka

Trinka's AI-powered proofreading tools helps in proofreading your writing for errors in grammar, spelling, sentence, punctuation, tone, consistency, and more. 

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Make your writing more professional with our free proofreading tools

Trinka is an AI-powered writing assistant that ensures your content is well-written, free of grammar and spelling errors, and punctuated correctly.

Grammar Checker

Trinka goes beyond the basic spelling and grammar checks to evaluate your writing for advanced grammar errors and also suggests language enhancements to improve the quality of your writing.

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Punctuation Checker

Trinka's online punctuation checker detects errors in commas, hyphens, semicolons, and other punctuation marks and provides suggestions along with explanations for better understanding.

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Spell Checker

Trinka AI helps you notice incorrect spellings and typos and suggests correct spellings based on the context of the sentence, giving you the best suggestion always!

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Sentence Checker

Trinka's free online sentence checker re-structures your sentences to make your writing clear and easy to understand.

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Essay Checker

Trinka's advanced essay checker helps you to correct spelling and grammar mistakes in your essays to make your writing clear, readable, and concise.

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Thesis Checker

Trinka AI helps students write their thesis with confidence by finding and correcting language and grammar errors. With Trinka, your academic writing is always clear.

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Powerful Grammar and Spelling Checks

It is important to write clear, concise, formal, and readable content. Trinka makes it easier for you to communicate with confidence with its proofreading tools.

Enhancement for Writing that is Publication Ready

To help you stay more focused on your ideas, Trinka polishes your writing to meet the best standards and principles of academic writing.

Additional features of Trinka

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Plagiarism Check

Experience superior plagiarism check, with the most cutting-edge text similarity detection technology in partnership with iThenticate—the largest paid publication database encompassing all scientific topics.

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Auto File Edit

Apply all effective language changes at once, with tracks you can review at your convenience. Simply upload your MS Word document and let Trinka automatically edit it in a couple of minutes. You can then get the improved version with a history of revisions.

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Consistency Check

Consistent writing reflects professionalism and care in your communication. With one click, Trinka's Consistency Check helps you eliminate inconsistencies and keep your reader focused on your writing. No more inconsistent hyphens, casing and spellings!

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Personal Dictionary

Personalize your writing experience with your own dictionary. Add as many words to your dictionary and Trinka will remember them all.

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