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Get access to diverse topics to get your manuscripts publication-ready. Update yourselves on the latest developments in AI technology for corporates and the STEM industry. Get hold of important tips that others may not be privy to, like how to research online, resolve tricky phrases, and more.

Academic writing done right!

Tune in to the Trinka Podcast and discover tips on using language technologies to streamline documenting & research publishing. Also get English language usage tips curated for the English as Second Language audience, as well as the latest developments in AI/NLP aiding research. If you are from the academic publishing space, this podcast is just what the doctor ordered!

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Dr. Krishna Kumar Venkitachalam aka KK

MS/MD, ELS (Editor in Life Sciences)

A Surgeon by qualification, Dr. KK has over 15 years of experience in the publication industry and is passionate about languages, science communication, and teaching. He conducts webinars and touring workshops for researchers around the world.

He is also a modern-day multi-instrumentalist musician with a fondness for cats, dogs, motorcycling, cinema, photography, and literature (partial to sci-fi!).

His motto? Never stop learning!


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Frequently Asked Questions

You can access this podcast on Spotify and YouTube

This podcast is a must-watch for researchers and students with English as a Second language. The topics covered in the podcast help researchers and students streamline their research discovery/writing/editing processes through new or existing language technologies and AI tools, Practical English & grammar tips, and more.

You will not be able to download the files from our website directly, however, you can access/save/download the videos on YouTube and Spotify.

Yes, you can get notified about the new episodes when it's released. All you need to do is subscribe to our e-newsletter; and podcast channels (Trinka Podcast, YouTube, & Spotify).

No, but you can comment your queries on the YouTube comment section or you can reach out to us at podcast@trinka.ai