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Consistency Check

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Save time and give your writing a professional finish in just a few clicks. Trinka's Consistency Check fixes inconsistencies that are hard-to-find, especially in a lengthy document.

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Check out the easy walk-through video to get started with Consistency Check in no time.

It is a detailed step-by-step tutorial to help you use Trinka to its fullest.

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Key Features of Trinka Consistency Check

Trinka identifies several inconsistencies to make your writing look professional.
The following types of inconsistencies are identified and corrected:



Trinka identifies different spellings (American vs. British) used for the same word.


Hyphens and dashes

Trinka finds inconsistent use of hyphens and dashes and makes them consistent with a click.


Number style

Interchangeably using numerals and spelled out numbers is one of the most common inconsistencies. Trinka helps you avoid it with a click.



Trinka understands when you interchangeably use symbols or spell them out.



Spaces are difficult to spot and therefore easily missed. Trinka helps you eliminate inconsistent spacing throughout your writing in a couple of clicks.

Ensure Your Writing is Consistent and Professional

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Frequently Asked Questions

Trinka’s Consistency Check automatically finds variations in several common inconsistencies made by writers and lists them all for you. It also gives you correction options. All you need to do is choose the right style and confirm. Trinka does the rest.

The Consistency Check feature is currently available on the Cloud editor to all users.

Currently, no credits are required to use the Consistency Check feature. You can use the feature as many times as you like.

Ideally, you should run the Consistency Check feature after you have finished writing. However, you can run it as many times and whenever you see the need for it.