Writing Aid for Students.
Easy Evaluation for Faculty.

Trinka’s advanced AI not only helps students improve their writing but also learn best academic writing practices as they write. Faculty benefit from automated evaluations and writing insights for focused feedback.

Trinka enterprise

Industry Tailored Solution for

  • Schools/K-12
  • Colleges
  • English Language Learning Apps
  • E-learning Platforms

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High-quality Writing Assistance for Learners & Faculty

Trinka helps students write better and learn the academic writing standards. Faculty get insightful reports on students’ writing too.

  • Real-time Writing Suggestions for Students

    Trinka is uniquely built for academic writing. It not only corrects complex grammar errors, but also improves vocabulary, tone, syntax, and more. Students can learn from the detailed suggestions too.

  • Customizable Quality Scores for Students

    Let students get real-time insights on their writing quality with customizable scoring algorithms. Detailed explanations and real-time suggestion help students learn and improve their writing.

  • Automated File Corrections and Error Reports

    Simply upload MS Word documents and get edited files with tracked changes in minutes along with a detailed report of all errors. Trinka makes assessments and providing feedback faster and easier.

  • Comprehensive Analytics

    See how your learners use Trinka or deep-dive into each learner’s activity with rich analytics for effective assessment and feedback.

  • Plagiarism Checker

    Highest quality of plagiarism check with the most advanced text similarity detection algorithm, iThenticate and the largest paid publication database.

  • File level controls

    Access management is easy and secure with Trinka’s granular controls for in-house students and distance learners.

  • Easy Administration

    Your team account lets you manage access, swap licenses, or add members in just seconds and automates the rest for you.

  • Dedicated Support

    A dedicated Success Manager is assigned to support your team to get the most out of Trinka. This includes a detailed on-boarding call, help documentation, and video walk-throughs.

Trinka Enterprise for K-12 and

Discover the true power of Trinka for educational platforms through bespoke features.

Tracking Learning Progress

Assess and track each student's writing improvement over time using the assessment with detailed insights.

  • Writing quality score
  • Error category wise quality report
  • Corrections and suggestions for learner assistance

Identifying Learning Gaps

Identify individual learner’s needs with insights on types and frequencies of errors made and a customizable score.

  • Customizable automated quality scoring algorithm
  • Summary of errors by category
  • Tracked corrections for assessment and feedback

Real-time learning support

Trinka’s AI evaluates writing in real-time and offers corrections and suggestions instantly to help learners identify improvements and learn better writing practices.

  • In-context learning opportunities
  • Correction with detailed explanations
  • Interactive quality scores

Writing Assistance Wherever Your Learners Write

Trinka is accessible on a variety of platforms, letting your learners benefit from powerful writing assistance wherever they write – from the browser to Microsoft Word.

Cloud Editor

Use full potential of Trinka anywhere, with the secured web based application.

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MS Word Add-in

Increase your teams’ productivity with writing suggestions delivered within the MS Word.

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Browser Plug-ins

Real-time writing assistance on any website through plugins for all your favorite browsers.

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Personalized Pricing that Works for You

Trinka offers flexible per-user or usage based pricing to suit your unique needs.
Switch users and apply usage restrictions in real time, at no extra cost.
We'll work with you to create a hassle-free custom contract and single payment option via PO/invoice.

Safe, Secure, and Trusted

Trinka puts data safety and privacy at the forefront. All your data is strongly encrypted and securely stored - no one else has access to your data. We offer unique plans that completely eliminate saving any data once you receive writing suggestions.

About Trinka

Trinka uses the latest Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies to correct grammar errors and suggest language enhancements. Our AI is trained on millions of well-written papers and articles covering 1300+ subject areas including medical, life sciences, physical sciences, engineering, humanities, business, and arts to give you the most relevant suggestions.

Trinka is developed by a team of linguists, editors, data scientists, and engineers with a deep desire to create a future with barrier-free communication.

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