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Trinka is brilliantly designed to perform accurate grammar checks and make impressive language enhancement compared to Writefull. It is the best Writefull alternative tool for online grammar checker that I have ever seen!

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Trinka vs. Writefull:
A Detailed Comparison

The table below exhibits a detailed comparison of Trinka and Writefull to understand how Trinka, a cloud-based online grammar checker, excels in advanced grammar corrections, subject area-based corrections, spelling check, and various other academic and technical writing features.

Academic Style Guides (such as APA, AMA and more)iconicon
Subject area-based corrections (medical, life sciences, engineering and more)iconicon
Technical Spelling (spelling corrections based on the subject)iconicon
Technical Phrasing (writing suited to your subject)iconicon
Consistency Checks (dashes, spellings, numbers and more)iconicon
Plagiarism Check (checks against internet, open access and paid published content)iconicon
Publication Readiness Checks (evaluates on 20+ checkpoints for publication success)iconicon
Proofread File (automatically edit MS Word files in minutes)iconicon
Accept and Ignore All Changes (with one click, apply or ignore multiple suggestions)iconicon
Unbiased Language (inclusive, person-first, non-sexist language)iconicon
Vague Language (make your writing clear and specific)iconicon
Citation Checker (Cite credible, strong citations for your paper.)iconicon
Journal Finder iconicon
Online Editor iconicon
Browser Plug-insiconicon
MS Word Plug-insiconicon
Formal / Academic Toneiconicon
Word Count Reductioniconicon
Advanced Grammar Checks iconicon
Sentence Structure Correctioniconicon
Word Choiceiconicon
US/UK English Styleiconicon
Detailed Explanation & Tips iconicon
Personal Dictionaryiconicon

We created this Writefull alternate comparison to help students, professors, librarians, and educators make an informed decision on choosing the best grammar checker for their needs. If we have made an error, please email us and we will fix it.

Pricing Plans

Compare all the features and see for yourself! Trinka is not just any ordinary grammar checker. It is the ideal Writefull alternate for academic and technical writing.

$0 / month
  • Advanced Grammar Checks
  • Sentence Structure Corrections
  • Technical Word Choice
  • Contextual Spelling Checks
  • Word Count Reduction
  • Writing Tone Corrections
  • Auto-file Edit
  • Style Guide Preferences
  • Consistency Check
  • Plagiarism Check
  • Citation Check
  • Journal Finder
  • Publication-Ready Writing
    (Technical phrasing, word count reduction etc.)
  • Journal Publication Readiness
    (Journal scope check, paper summarization etc.)
$8.16 / month
  • Grammar & Fluency Check
  • Sentence Pallete
  • Word Choice
  • Spelling Check
  • Word count check
  • Tone adjustments

What makes Trinka better than premier grammar checker tools such as Writefull?

Advanced writing necessitates advanced checks - Trinka makes it all happen for you! trinka, an AI-powered grammar checker and languages enhancement tool, is create specifically for formal & technical writing. Trinka has built-in cuttings-edge tools that examine your grammar, spelling, and punctuation and advance your writing to maximize your publication chances.

better than
subject area

Subject Area & Document Type

Customize Trinka to provide you the most relevant suggestions based on your subject area and type of manuscript.

style guide

Style Guide Preferences

Tailor the grammar & word choice of your manuscript to comply with popular academic style guides (AMA 11th, APA 7th).

auto file

File Edit

Upload your MS Word document and sit back while Trinka auto-edits it in minutes. You can then download and finalize it.


Publication Readiness Checks

Evaluate your document on 20+ check points, ranging from Journal Selection to Ethical Compliance, to increase your chances of getting published.



Trinka's Consistency Check detects 6 types of inconsistencies in your writing, no matter the length, and lets you resolve all of them with one click.


Track Changes File

Download and finalize a track changes file showing the various changes you selected in the Trinka editor.

Professional academic and
technical grammar corrections in action

Trinka AI performs 3000+ grammar checks, tone & style enhancements, advanced writing tips, and most importantly works on all subjects related to academic and technical writing.


Trinka vs. Leading Grammar Checker Tools

How does Trinka stand apart as the authentic Grammarly alternative compared to the leading grammar tools? We tested 5,778 words from five academic domains in Grammarly Premium and LanguageTool. We checked for the accuracy of corrections, style guide preferences, conciseness, and contextual spelling checks – all of which are crucial to formal and technical writing. For a detailed comparison, check out our exclusive whitepaper.

Advanced writing needs advanced checks. Meet Trinka


Goes beyond grammar and spelling

Trinka is more than just a grammar checkers; it’s your personal writing assistant that finds tricky academic writing errors that other tools don't.


Unmatched writing enhancements

Trinka enhances the tone, delivery, and phrasing of your writing to academic publication standards.


Helps you become a better writer

Trinka offers detailed explanations, suggestions, and writing tips to help you learn while improving your writing.

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