Sensitive Data Plan

We Value Your Sensitive Data, Just as You Do.

No AI Training. Full Data Control. No Data Storage.

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Trinka's Sensitive Data Plan is made for enterprises which require the highest level of security and would not like their organizational data saved on our servers. Under this plan, the content processed for grammar checking on Trinka is not saved persistently, and once the results are processed, it automatically gets deleted from all our systems. Thus, your content is not used for any AI training to improve our systems, ensuring the utmost secrecy of your sensitive data.

This is a very unique offering amongst grammar checking companies, as AI companies rely on user data for improving their models/systems. Under Sensitive Data Plan, we prefer to give 100% control to our clients so that they are not worried about their trade secrets, intellectual property, or any other type of sensitive data that they may want to check.

Compliances Covered

We adhere to the most stringent international information security and quality management standards.

  • iso 270001:2013 information security certificate
  • iso 9001:2015 quality certificate
  • iso 17100:2015 translation service certificate
  • ada certificate
  • GDPR

Key Features of Sensitive Data Plan

Enjoy a comprehensive set of features designed to address privacy concerns, enhance data security, and bolster trust. Here's what we offer:

Complete Privacy Assurance

With Trinka Sensitive Data Plan, rest assured that we do not retain any of the sentences you send to our modules, the results you receive, or any actions you take. Your data remains off our servers, protecting your privacy and giving you peace of mind.


We understand the critical importance of safeguarding your sensitive information, especially for enterprises aiming to shield their research from competitors. By not storing user data, we eliminate the risks of unauthorized access and putting the control solely in your hands.

Regulatory Simplicity

Many regions have rigorous data protection regulations, and for enterprises, safeguarding valuable intellectual property is paramount. Our approach of not storing user data simplifies compliance efforts, minimizing legal and regulatory risks while ensuring the confidentiality of your research.

Ready to Safeguard Your Sensitive Information?

Choose the Integration Option Best Suited for Your Need

trinka js


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Enable Trinka for all your team members by simply inserting a small JavaScript (JS) code snippet into your browser or any application. TrinkaJS works in real-time and does not save anything on our servers.

trinka grammar checker api


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Trinka’s powerful API brings Trinka right into your existing applications, with a simple API architecture that is easy to integrate. Enable powerful real-time or passive grammar checks right within your application.

trinka for premises


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On Premise

Ensure effective writing with Trinka, hosted on your enterprise infrastructure, be it local or cloud servers. Get a dedicated service personnel working with you for hassle-free integration.

trinka cloud editor


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Collaborate securely with Trinka Cloud for Teams, accessing and editing your files effortlessly using your preferred browser. Elevate your writing, anytime, anywhere.

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