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Subject-verb disagreement

Therefore, these results suggest that the hypersecretion of CRH and endorphin suppresssuppresses the secretion of LH and FSH from the pituitary gland.

Word choice

The statistical analyses were performed withusing a statistical analysis software (SAS).


Recent years have seen an increase ofin exudation of various organic acids.

Adjective use

The group receiving the placebo treatment had the most highest improvement in sleep scores.

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Utilities would continue to have the obligationbe obliged to serve retail customers.

Formal tone

The averagemean age of the study group was 54.2 years (range: 8-90 years).

Word choice

The assembly abrogatedarrogated to itself the right to make changes.

Style guide

Substance abuseuse disorder has been a major public health concern.

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Computer science

In our study, 90% of the users expressed the need for a dialoguedialog box to alert them to a pending update.


By contrast, the effecteffects of the Mach number and heat specific heat ratio contribute little to the aerodynamic performance.


Our study matched for age, gendersex, ethnicity, and BMI, marijuana use was associated with higher abdominal visceral fat.


The estimated natural rate, based on the past history of the data, plummets by nearly 2 percentpercentage points.