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Experience the power of Trinka Word Add-In Lite straight from your Windows or Mac. It checks your writing and provides corrections as you write on your familiar MS Word app.

Trinka Browser plug-ins enhance your writing on all your favorite websites in real time. Communicate effectively everywhere!

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Key Features of Trinka Browser Plug-in

Trinka is available as an extension for your favorite browser to help you write better anywhere, anytime. Get advanced English grammar corrections and suggestions in real-time. Even better, it automatically checks all your changes so you don't miss anything.


Real-Time Editing

No need to wait for the editor to suggest corrections. Trinka makes corrections as you write.


Add to Dictionary

Add your own words to "My Dictionary" and Trinka will not flag them as spelling errors in your future writing.



Whatever you type is securely transmitted and analyzed. Your data is never saved with us.

Trinka Browser Plug-In: Works Where You Do

Grammar correction on Google Docs

Do you want to write better on Google Docs and correct all the grammatical errors without any hassle?

Add Trinka's browser extension and get real-time grammar and spelling corrections, and language enhancements on Google Docs.

google doc

How to write better on Authorea?

Do you use Authorea for your writing needs? If yes, then a grammar correction tool to improve the quality of your writing is a must-have!

Use Trinka's browser plug-in to fix grammar errors in real-time and write better on Authorea.


Correct your writing on Evernote

Enhance the quality of your writing on Evernote. Trinka, our AI-powered writing tool, corrects the grammar and makes language enhancements in real-time.

Trinka's browser extension is fully compatible with Evernote, and with this easy-to-use plug-in, you can effortlessly review and edit your writing.


Write better on Medium with Trinka

Do you write blogs on Medium? Then, do not miss out on the editing features provided by Trinka's free browser plug-in.

Trinka corrects your writing for grammar, tone, punctuation, sentence structure, etc., and enhances the overall writing quality that will impress the readers on Medium.