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Trinka Premium Plus offers Unlimited Access to Turnitin Similarity Reports

Key Features

Check Against Content From Internet Sources

Top matching sources along with the match percentage are listed down.

The document will be graded with the content similarity score based on the Plagiarism issues detected.

The document shows individual scores for Internet and Paid sources.

Check Against Content From Internet Sources

Lists down the top matching sources along with the match percentage.

For a matched source, the Report highlights the exact matched text.

Detects and flags hidden text and suspicious characters in a document.

Provides flexibility to exclude chosen sections in a document from the scope of check.

paid publications
paid publications
paid publications
Checks Against Paid Publications & Internet Sources.
Recommended plagiarism checker for academic papers.

Lists down the top matching sources along with the match percentage.

For a matched source, the Report highlights the exact matched text.

Detects and flags hidden text and suspicious characters in a document.

Provides flexibility to exclude chosen sections in a document from the scope of check.

Gives multiple options to seamlessly share your Report.


What Makes Trinka Plagiarism Checker Stand Out?

Trinka &
Enago Reports

iThenticate Report

Available with Advanced Plagiarism Check


Similarity Report (By Turnitin)

Available with Standard Plagiarism Check

Unlimited Access to Similarity Report20 pages/mo
Downloadable PDF Report--

Get up to 2 Free iThenticate Scores Every Month with Trinka

Who can Benefit from Trinka’s Plagiarism Checker


Trinka's plagiarism checker helps students ensure their work is original and properly cited, significantly reducing the risk of unintentional plagiarism. It also aids in learning proper citation practices for upholding the academic writing standards.


Authors can use Trinka to scan their manuscripts for any potential plagiarism, ensuring their work remains unique and safeguarding their reputation for originality. It's an essential tool for maintaining intellectual integrity before publication.


Educators can leverage Trinka to check students' submissions for plagiarism, promoting a culture of academic honesty. It also serves as a teaching tool to educate students about the importance of originality in their work.


Editors can rely on Trinka to verify the originality of submitted articles, ensuring the content they publish is free of plagiarism. This helps maintain the publication's credibility and trustworthiness.


Trinka assists researchers in verifying that their publications are free of unintentional plagiarism, an essential step in maintaining the integrity of their research and contributions to their field.


Publishers can use Trinka to screen texts before publication, ensuring that all material is original and adheres to copyright laws, thereby protecting the publisher from legal issues and preserving the author's credibility.

Covers 1700+ Paid Scientific Journals

Utilize the most accurate text similarity detection algorithms to verify plagiarism in your content and preserve its integrity and credibility. Compare your work against articles published by Elsevier, Wiley, Springer Nature, Taylor & Francis, Sage, and many more prestigious publishers.

global publications

Get Top-Quality Assessment with Trinka's Plagiarism Check

Due to the many plagiarism detectors, choosing one can be difficult. To simplify this process, we analyzed several popular plagiarism checkers and found Trinka to be the most accurate and dependable.

Trinka's Plagiarism Checker surpassed most tools on a substantially plagiarized thesis. We examined 3 leading tools on accuracy, database size, accessibility, ease of use, cost, and security using 6 metrics. Trinka offers top-notch assessment and expertise while protecting your data.

trinka plagiarism check against competitors

Why Choose Trinka Plagiarism Checker?

free plagiarism check

Free plagiarism check score every month

Check for plagiarism in your content for free, before generating a report. Your document is checked for plagiarism across the Internet, Open Access, and Paid publications.

standard plagiarism check

Unlimited standard plagiarism check

Get unlimited access to standard plagiarism check (sim check) powered by Turnitin, which checks your content against Internet sources and Open Access publications.

superior detection technology

Superior detection technology

View a detailed table of revisions by language category for a quick understanding of the type of edits made.

Plagiarism Check Uses Credits

Standard Plagiarism Check uses 12 credits, and Advanced Plagiarism Check uses 18 credits. Use your free monthly credits and buy more only when you need.
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    Credits are like tokens that let you use several Trinka features as needed.
    Every month, Premium users get 10 free credits and Basic users get 4 free credits. To know more, click here.
    Trinka Premium users get 2 free plagiarism score checks every month.
    Additionally, you get up to 40% discount on credit pack purchases.

How to get started

  • Free Score
  • Standard Report
  • Advanced Report
  • New Balance Credits Every Month
  • Cost for Bulk Purchase of Credits
  • 1 Free Score Each Month
  • Available for 12 Credits
  • Available for 18 Credits
  • 4 Credits Each Month
  • Only 3 USD per credit
    ( Pack of 40 )
  • 2 Free Scores Each Month
  • Available for 12 Credits
  • Available for 18 Credits
  • 10 Credits Each Month
  • Only 1.8 USD per credit
    ( Pack of 40 )


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Frequently Asked Questions

That’s easy!

  1. Go to your Trinka Cloud Account (haven’t signed up for free account yet? Sign up now! )
  2. Navigate to the Plagiarism Check page by clicking on it from the right panel.
  3. Upload a document and select the check that works for you. You can choose a file you have already uploaded on Trinka drive, too.
  4. Get the detailed report in minutes!

Unlike other tools, Trinka lets you choose a plagiarism check that meets your needs – Internet content or Internet + paid publications. Our technology, in partnership with Turnitin, offers superior detection technology that is trusted by large academic publishers worldwide.

You get a free plagiarism score on Trinka!

If you have a Basic account, you get 1 free plagiarism score check every month. If you have a Trinka Premium account, you will get 2 free plagiarism score checks every month.

Yes! The reports are in PDF and can be downloaded any time after you generate them.

Your document uploaded for plagiarism check, is processed at Turnitin servers without storing the document on Trinka. Once report is generated, it is directly shared on the dashboard without storing anywhere else.

An online plagiarism tool is a web-based application designed to help users find out plagiarism in their written content. By using advanced algorithms, it scans plagiarism online to detect any instances of copied or duplicated text.

To find out plagiarism, simply use an online plagiarism tool like Trinka. Paste your text or upload your document into the platform, and it will scan plagiarism online by comparing your content to a vast database of existing content across the internet and paid publications. It will then provide a detailed report highlighting any similarities or matches with other sources.