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Trinka Citation Checker automatically identifies citations that weaken your research premise and arguments and helps you cite credible, strong citations.

Citation Checker
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Key Features of Trinka Citation Checker

Trinka Citation Checker identifies various quality risks for a robust citation analysis that lets you improve your citation list and strengthen your research argumentation.


Retracted Citations

Identify studies that have been recalled after publication and avoid peer review critique.

non standard

Non-Standard Citations

Improve your citation credibility by eliminating non-peer-reviewed works.

low visibility

Low Visibility Citations

Identify citations that have not been frequently cited by other authors to avoid weakening your argumentation strength.

old reference

Old References

Easily identify papers published long ago to ensure high relevance and validity of your citations.


Journal Overuse

Identify unintentional bias toward a journal and avoid peer review critique by diversifying your citation sources.

Why Choose Trinka Citation Checker

Free Score Overview

Free Score Overview

Generate citation analysis score for free and only pay for the report when needed.

Free Score Overview

Crossref Validation

All your citations are validated against Crossref’s extensive publication repository trusted by publishers and organizations worldwide.

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See a sample citation analysis report by Trinka Citation Checker to understand how you can benefit from it for your paper!

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Citation Checker Uses Credits

Citation Analysis scores are free; you only need to pay for the full report. To generate the report, 1 credit is used for up to 30 citations. Use free credits or buy more as needed.
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    Credits are like tokens that let you use several Trinka features as needed.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Improve the quality of your citations in 3 simple steps!

  1. Just Sign Up for free on Trinka.
  2. Go to the Citation Checker page from the left navigation panel.
  3. Upload your document. You can upload from Google Drive, Dropbox, or your computer. You can also use document already uploaded on Trinka. You will get your report in a few minutes!

Yes. We can quality check your citations even if they are published in paywalled journals.

Trinka Citation Checker feature is currently available only on the Trinka Cloud platform to all users. It will come soon to the Word add-in too.

Currently, the report is not shareable. We will make that happen in the future!