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Key Features of Trinka

Trinka is the world’s first grammar and language enhancement tool custom-built for academic and technical writing. Trinka stands out by working with the author and going beyond grammar and spelling checks to ensure holistic language enhancement.


Powerful Grammar and Spelling Checks

Academic writing needs to be clear, concise, formal, objective, and readable. Trinka's holistic improvements let you communicate confidently.

Enhancements for Publication-Ready Writing

Trinka refines the tone, delivery, and phrasing of your writing to match academic writing conventions and best practices so you can focus more on your ideas.

Writer's Suite

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Plagiarism Check

Experience the highest quality of plagiarism check with the most advanced text similarity detection algorithm, iThenticate and the largest paid publication database covering all scientific fields.

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Auto File Edit

Apply powerful language revisions in one go—all tracked for your review. Simply upload your MS Word document, let Trinka auto-edit your paper in minutes, and download your document with all changes tracked.

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  • scope

    Journal Scope Match

    2 Checks
  • technical

    Technical Compliances

    3 Checks
  • ethical

    Ethical Compliance

    5 Checks
  • authorship

    Authorship Details

    4 Checks
  • reference

    Reference Details

    1 Check
  • FirgureTable

    Figures & Tables

    2 Checks
  • clinical trials

    Clinical Trial Information

    1 Check
  • keywords

    Keywords & Summary

    2 Checks

Publication Readiness Checks

Ready to submit your paper? Trinka evaluates your manuscript against 20+ checkpoints that match journal editorial checks so you can confidently submit it to your desired journal.

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Citation Checker

Citation Checker identifies citations that can make your research premise and argumentation weaker and helps you cite credible, strong citations for your paper.

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journal finder

Journal Finder

Identifies the right journal by comparing the concepts in your paper against millions of publications and publication trends.

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Consistency Check

Consistent writing strengthens your communication. Trinka's Consistency Checks help you eliminate inconsistencies in your writing with one click. No more inconsistent hyphens and spellings!

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Personal Dictionary

Personalize your writing experience with your own dictionary. Add as many words to your dictionary and Trinka will remember them all.

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Download Your Document with Track Changes

Want to review all your changes? That's simple. Just download the track-changed file and review it within MS Word whenever you like.

However, additional factors influencing patient prognosis and reducing HDL-C and Apo A1 levels were assessed.

On the other hand However, additional factors which influence influencing patient prognosis and leading to a reduction in reducing HDL-C and Apo A1 levels were assessed.

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Accept and Ignore All

Need to correct a spelling throughout your paper? Don't want to see a suggestion again for the document? Trinka makes it easy! Just accept or ignore all such suggestions with a single click.

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