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Research papers are the cornerstones of academic and scientific inquiry, but they can be daunting due to their technical language, complex methodologies, and the need for rigorous analysis and interpretation of data.

This can make comprehension challenging, especially for students, early-stage researchers, or those exploring outside their domain. Additionally, the task of manually reading these papers can be extremely time-consuming.

This is especially true when one needs to understand a paper thoroughly, which involves interpreting and contextualizing the information presented.

Transform passive reading into active learning with Copilot

Imagine a scenario where you’re directly interacting with research papers, posing questions, and receiving instant clarifications. Why settle for just reading research papers when you can interact with them?

We introduce you to Enago’s Copilot. This tool is designed to assist users in navigating the complexities of research papers, making the process of comprehension both efficient and engaging.

Addressing Key Challenges with Copilot Solutions

After in-depth research into the hurdles researchers face, we found that the literature review is often the most time-consuming and difficult part of their work.

Understanding its significance, we created Copilot to make this step as easy as  possible. Copilot is designed to save researchers valuable time, making the review process smoother and more efficient.

Challenge 1: Lengthy Comprehension Process

Problem:  Reading through dense academic papers is time-consuming, often leading to a piling up of research papers.

Copilot Solution: Copilot utilizes advanced AI technology to quickly summarize and provide key insights from academic papers, allowing researchers to grasp complex concepts more rapidly and stay updated with current literature.

Challenge 2: Inefficient Research workflow

Problem: Frequent switching between multiple resources to grasp specific terms or concepts disrupts researchers’ flow when trying to understand them or maintain overall reading flow.

Copilot Solution: Offers direct access to clear explanations, eliminating the need for constant switching between different resources to understand a concept or a paper.

Challenge 3: Slow Query Resolution

Problem: Time spent on finding answers to specific questions during paper comprehension can significantly delay the research process.

Copilot Solution: Provides quick, targeted responses to queries about the specific topic, research goals, outcomes, approaches, methods, concepts, and everything in between enhancing the speed and efficiency of the literature review.

Additionally, users can easily save explanations and queries as notes with just one click, ensuring that important information is readily accessible for future reference, thus further optimizing the research workflow.

Revolutionizing How You Engage with Research Papers!

Discover the advantages of a research process that is smooth and effective through personal experience. Copilot provides a user-friendly and intuitive method for managing the complicated details of academic papers, allowing you to save time and improve your understanding.

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