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Evaluate your manuscript against 20+ standard publication requirements to get through journal screening faster. Trinka even lets you see how well your manuscript matches your target journal’s scope.

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  • Journal Scope Match

    2 Checks
  • Technical Compliances

    3 Checks
  • Ethical Compliance

    5 Checks
  • Authorship Details

    4 Checks
  • Reference Details

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  • Figures & Tables

    2 Checks
  • Clinical Trial Information

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  • Keywords & Summary

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Learn how you can use the 20+ Publication Readiness checks and get published faster by watching this short walk-through video.

It is a detailed step-by-step tutorial to help you use Trinka to its fullest.

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Key Features of Publication Readiness Checks

With Trinka's Publication Readiness Checks, you can evaluate your document on 20+ publication readiness checks and make corrections to increase your chances of getting published.

Journal Scope Match

Helps you avoid rejection by checking whether your manuscript matches the scope of the target journal and suggests additional matching journals.

Technical Compliance

Trinka checks for several standard publication requirements like abstract, word count, and manuscript section headings, so that you are always assured of meeting all the requirements.

Ethical Compliance

Ensures that you have made all the mandatory declarations like informed consent, ethical approval, financial disclosures and conflict of interest, for a smooth editorial desk screening.

Authorship Detail

Check for authorship details such as author name, affiliation, correspondence, and contribution statements, which are required by most journals.

Reference Detail

Trinka checks your references and alerts you for the usage of obsolete references.

Figures & Tables

Trinka checks all your figure and table captions as well as their citations to ensure you meet all submission requirements.

Clinical Trial Information

Trinka checks whether you have mentioned any clinical trials ID and fetches information on the trial so you are always sure of providing the right details.

Keywords & Summary

Trinka's cutting-edge AI generates a holistic, representative summary of your paper, highlighting the important topics and concepts. It also suggests possible keywords for your manuscript.

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Publication Readiness Checks Uses Credits

Each report generation uses 1 credit. Use free credits and buy more as needed.

Credits are like tokens that let you use several Trinka features as needed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Every time you run Publication Readiness Checks, 1 credit is consumed.

Currently you cannot download the Publication Readiness report. However, your report is always available on Trinka Cloud. You will receive a link to each report on your registered email ID too.

Yes. This feature uses credits. Users on the Basic subscription receive 2 free credits every month which can be used to get the Publication Readiness report.

You can use the Publication Readiness report as a checklist to easily compare with your target journal’s requirements and assess your paper’s readiness easily. We have prepared a video to help you understand the report too.