Trinka for Microsoft Word

Trinka plug-in for Word makes effective writing easier than ever! Trinka auto-checks your writing and provides corrections as you write within your familiar Word app.

* Supports Word 2007 upwards only on Windows 7 and above.






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Key Features of Trinka Microsoft Word Plug-in

Trinka is available as a plug-in to the familiar MS Word application that you have always used. Get corrections and suggestions as you write, with Trinka automatically checking all your changes so you don’t miss anything!

Style Guide Preferences

Tailor the grammar & word choice of your manuscript to comply with popular academic style guides (AMA 11th, AGU 2017).

Subject Area & Document Type

Customize Trinka to provide you the most relevant suggestions based on your subject area and type of manuscript.

Download Track Changes File

Download and finalize a track changes file showing the various changes you selected in the Trinka editor.

Language Score

Get an indicative score of the overall language quality of the document based on the number of revisions by category.

Table of Revisions

View a detailed table of revisions by language category for a quick understanding of the type of edits made.

Trinka is also available online!

Trinka Cloud is available anytime on a web browser of your choice. Write online, save your content on the cloud, and get the best writing advice anytime and anywhere you write!