Key Features in Trinka

Trinka, world’s first grammar and language enhancement tool is custom-built for academic & technical writing. Its standout features are that it works with the author and goes beyond the grammar and spellcheck to ensure holistic language enhancement.

Advance Grammar & Spell Check

Academic writing needs to be clear, concise, formal, objective, and readable. Trinka helps you improve your writing on all these fronts so your writing can be the best version of itself.

Publish-ready Language Enhancements

Trinka enhances the tone, delivery, and phrasing of your writing according to academic publication standards. With Trinka, academic writing is now stress-free.

Writer's Suite

Auto File Edit

Continue working in your favorite environment. Upload your MS Word document and sit back while Trinka auto-edits your paper in minutes. Download your file with track changes.

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  • Journal Scope Match

    2 Checks
  • Technical Compliances

    3 Checks
  • Ethical Compliance

    5 Checks
  • Authorship Details

    4 Checks
  • Reference Details

    1 Check
  • Figures & Tables

    2 Checks
  • Clinical Trial Information

    1 Check
  • Keywords & Summary

    2 Checks

Publication Readiness Checks

With Trinka's Publication Readiness Checks, you can evaluate your document on 20+ checkpoints, ranging from Journal Selection to Ethical Compliance, to increase your chances of getting published.

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Consistency Check

Found a better word to make your point but you may have hyphenated it in some instances and left some without a hyphen? Trinka's Consistency Check detects this inconsistency across your text, no matter the length, and lets you revise them with one click.

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Personal Dictionary

Add your own words to "My Dictionary" and Trinka will not flag them as spelling errors in your future writing.

Download Tracked Changed File

Download and finalize a track changed file showing the various changes you selected in the Trinka editor.

However, additional factors influencing patient prognosis and reducing HDL-C and Apo A1 levels were assessed.

On the other hand However, additional factors which influence influencing patient prognosis and leading to a reduction in reducing HDL-C and Apo A1 levels were assessed.

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Accept for all similar alerts

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Accept/Ignore All

No more repetitive clicking! Trinka allows you to accept or ignore all repetitive suggestions in one click.

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