Advanced writing needs advanced checks. Meet Trinka.

Academic writing needs to be clear, concise, formal, objective, and readable.

Trinka helps you improve your writing on all these fronts so your writing can be the best version of itself.

Advanced grammar

Trinka corrects 3000+ complex grammar errors that other tools don’t. With Trinka, make your writing clean and clear.

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Sentence structure

Trinka structures your sentences correctly considering your subject, making your writing easy to understand.

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Word choice

Trinka fixes incorrect use of words that makes your writing unclear. Convey your intent accurately and clearly with Trinka.

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Usage and style

Trinka corrects phrasing and gives your writing a formal tone. Impress your readers with bold, precise language.

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US/UK style

Choose between US or UK English and let Trinka help you make your writing fit for your audience and journal style.

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Advanced spelling

Trinka’s contextual spelling check helps you pick the right word for your subject. No more awkward spelling errors.

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Enhancements that get your writing ready to publish

Trinka enhances the tone, delivery, and phrasing of your writing according to academic publication standards. With Trinka, academic writing is now stress-free.

Style guide preferences Only on Trinka

Trinka suggests phrasing preferred by style guides such as AMA and APA. Get your writing ready for publication with Trinka.

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Word count reduction Only on Trinka

Trinka makes redundant and wordy phrases concise for you. Now meet journal guidelines with ease!

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Unbiased language Only on Trinka

Trinka corrects biased and insensitive language. Avoid criticism and make your point effectively with Trinka.

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Vague language Only on Trinka

Trinka helps you make your writing specific and direct. Effective communication is easy with Trinka.

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Technical phrasing

Trinka suggests the right words to use for your subject area. Make your content relatable to your readers with Trinka.

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Academic tone

Trinka gives your writing a formal tone so you can impress your readers. Professional writing is now easy!

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Easy to understand results that also help you learn

Trinka is designed to make your academic writing experience smooth and easy. Trinka works with you as you write to make sure you get help whenever you need.

Detailed explanations

Trinka offers detailed explanations, suggestions, and writing tips. Every time you use Trinka, your writing skills get better.

Accurate suggestions

Trinka is made for formal writing. It improves your content while you learn the nuances of academic writing.