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Auto File Edit

MS Word Files
Edited in Minutes

Save time with automatic edits on your MS Word documents. Download your edited file with track changes and finalize your document superfast!

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Check out the easy walk-through video to get started with Auto File Edit in no time.

It is a detailed step-by-step tutorial to help you use Trinka to its fullest.

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Key Features of Trinka Auto File Edit

Avoid the hassle of installing plug-ins. Correct your MS Word file using the Auto File Edit feature.
Trinka automatically edits your document in track changes, which you can download and finalize.


Download File With Track Changes

Download and finalize a track changes file showing the various changes you selected in the Trinka editor.


Retain Original Formatting

Your content will be updated with all changes made as track changes, ensuring the original formatting is always retained.


Language Score

Get an indicative score of the overall language quality of the document based on the number of revisions by category.


Table of Revisions

View a detailed table of revisions by language category for a quick understanding of the type of edits made.


Style Guide Preferences

Tailor the grammar & word choice of your manuscript to comply with popular academic style guides (AMA 11th, AGU 2017).


Subject Area & Document Type

Customize Trinka to provide you the most relevant suggestions based on your subject area and type of manuscript.

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Get Your Word Files Edited Automatically

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Auto File Edit Uses Credits


Uses 1 credit for every 5000 words in a file. Use free credits and buy more as needed.

Credits are like tokens that let you use several Trinka features as needed.

Premium users get 10 and Basic users get 4 free credits every month. To know more, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

You get the following once you upload your file for Auto Edit:

  1. The edited file with all changes in track changes. You can review these changes and accept or reject then using Microsoft Word or any other compatible Word processor. This file will also include comments explaining the corrections.
  2. You will also receive a detailed report which incorporates the number of revisions, type of grammatical errors made, and an overall writing quality score.

You can upload as many documents as you wish to be automatically edited. There is no limitation on the number of documents that can be uploaded. Only 1 credit is used for every 5000 words in your file(s).

Just Sign up on Trinka. You will find the Auto File Edit option on the left navigation panel.

Upload a document and click on start editing. Voila! Get your auto-edited document in minutes!

Basic users get 4 free credits every month while Premium users get 10 free credits every month. Auto File Edit uses 1 credit for every 5000 words in your file.