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Trinka checks against internet and paid published content to give you the most comprehensive plagiarism check.

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Plagiarism Check
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82+ Million

Paid Scholarly

91+ Billion

Current and archived
web pages

135+ Million

Open access

102+ Million

Pages crawled and
updated daily

Multiple Check Options that Suit Your Need

Trinka lets you choose the most suitable plagiarism check for your writing to deliver the right value.

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Free Plagiarism Score

  • Get a plagiarism score and an overview of sources
  • Checks against Internet, Open Access, and Paid publications
  • Best for getting an overview before deciding to generate a full report
  • Up to two free checks per month

Trinka Plagiarism Report

  • Checks against Internet sources and some Open Access publications
  • Daily updates and superior detection technology ensure unmatched accuracy
  • Best for non-journal publication needs
  • Uses 6 credits per report

iThenticate® Plagiarism Check

  • Checks against Internet, Open Access, and Paid publications
  • The largest database with daily updates and superior technology trusted by publishers
  • Recommended for publication needs
  • Uses 9 credits per report

Key Benefits of Plagiarism Check

These thoughtful features help you eliminate plagiarism and submit your work confidently.

Free Plagiarism Score

Get a plagiarism score and an overview of sources for free. Get the full report only when you need it! 

Easy to Understand Report

The intuitive PDF report is easy to understand, with unique highlights for different sources.

Internet & Paid Publications

Get the most robust check with a database of 82+ million Paid publications and Internet content.

Superior Detection Technology

Our plagiarism detection technology is used by the largest academic publishers and intelligently excludes cited content to give you reliable results.

Daily Database Updates

Our most comprehensive database is updated daily to include new sources and changes to give you the best results.

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Trusted by Leading Publishers and Peer Reviewers

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Plagiarism Check Uses Credits

Credits are like tokens that let you use several Trinka features as needed.

Premium users get 5 and Basic users get 2 free credits every month. To know more, click here.

Trinka Plagiarism Check uses 6 credits, and iThenticate Plagiarism Check uses 9 credits.
Use your free monthly credits and buy more only when you need.

Trinka Premium users get 2 free plagiarism score checks every month.

Additionally, you get up to 40% discount on credit pack purchases.

Plagiarism Check

See How It Works

Check out the easy walk through video to get started with Plagiarism Check in no time.

It is a detailed step-by-step tutorial to help you use Trinka to its fullest.

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Frequently Asked Questions

That’s easy!

  1. Go to your Trinka Cloud Account (haven’t signed up for free account yet? Sign up now! )
  2. Navigate to the Plagiarism Check page by clicking on it from the right panel.
  3. Upload a document and select the check that works for you. You can choose a file you have already uploaded on Trinka drive, too.
  4. Get the detailed report in minutes!

Unlike other tools, Trinka lets you choose a plagiarism check that meets your needs – Internet content or Internet + paid publications. Our technology, in partnership with Turnitin, offers superior detection technology that is trusted by large academic publishers worldwide.

You get plagiarism score for free on Trinka!

If you have a Basic account, you get 1 free plagiarism score check every month. If you have a Trinka Premium account, you will get 2 free plagiarism score checks every month.

Yes! The reports are in PDF and can be downloaded any time after you generate them.