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Trinka's punctuation checker not only checks for proper use of punctuation but corrects complex errors in grammar, style and tone as well!  

Trinka has learned from the best-written papers in every discipline to provide you with the most relevant suggestions. With Trinka, your writing will always be precise. 

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Trinka's online punctuation checker detects errors in commas, hyphens, semicolons and other punctuation marks and provides suggestions with explanations for better understanding.

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Who can use this Punctuation Checker?

Trinka is ideal for anyone looking to improve their English writing skills. Trinka's free punctuation checker tool is trusted by academics, copywriters, marketers, content writers, product teams, bloggers, self-published authors and others.

Key Features of Trinka Punctuation Checker

Perfect punctuation check

Trinka offers contextualized punctuation checks to enhance your writing.

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Works on all subjects

Trinka provides you the most relevant punctuation suggestions based on your subject area.

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Word choice

In addition to punctuation checks, Trinka fixes errors in grammar and word choice to make your writing correct and clear. Communicate your intent accurately with Trinka.

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Advanced Spell Check

Apart from correcting punctuation errors, Trinka’s free spellchecker examines the context of your writing to help you pick the right word for your topic. No more awkward spelling errors! 

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How does Trinka's Free Punctuation checker work?

Trinka is a free, AI-powered punctuation checker and language writing assistant designed for enhanced academic and technical writing.

Based on the context of the sentence, our punctuation checker developed with the latest Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language (NPL) techniques, easily identifies errors in commas, hyphens, apostrophes, semicolons and others and suggests enhancements for better clarity and readability.

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Learn the correct uses of punctuation marks with Trinka's Punctuation Checker

Every punctuation correction is a learning opportunity. Trinka's punctuation checker not only highlights the errors but also explains how to fix them and provides relevant explanations, which will help you become a better writer. Along with punctuation checks, Trinka also checks for grammar and language errors and provides an indicative score of the overall quality of your writing.

Through Trinka's punctuation checker, students can learn how to write effectively and inculcate best writing practices.

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Trinka’s Punctuation Checker FAQ

Trinka's Punctuation Checking tool is developed with latest Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language (NPL) techniques to easily identify punctuation errors and suggest enhancements. Trinka AI makes sure that your writing has consistent punctuation in terms of the sentence structure.

Yes, Trinka's Basic plan is completely free to use. You can sign up here and start using the tool.

Trinka can check for the following punctuation errors:

  • Comma (,)
  • Period (.)
  • Hyphen (-)
  • Semicolon (;)
  • Colon (:)
  • Question Mark (?)
  • Em dash (—)
  • En dash (–)
  • Apostrophe (‘)
  • Ellipses (…)

Yes, just install our browser plug-in for Chrome, Firefox or Edge and watch Trinka do its magic.