An interview with Trinka D’Cunha

The person after whom Trinka AI was named

​Learn about the inspiration behind Trinka AI's name in our interview with Trinka D'Cunha. Discover the creative process of branding an AI product in this insightful podcast.


In this episode of the podcast, our host Dr. KK has a heart-to-heart chat with Trinka D’Cunha- the person who was instrumental in the foundation of Trinka AI as the lead linguist. Such was her contribution that the tool was named after her. In this interactive session Trinka talks about how she used to be a teacher and how passionate she is about teaching- be it humans or computers!

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Dr. Krishna Kumar Venkitachalam

The Trinka Podcast is hosted by Dr Krishna Kumar Venkitachalam, who prefers to be referred as Dr KK. He is a surgeon by qualification, but is very passionate about science, communication and languages. Also, he has been in the academic publication industry for the last 15 years.

She then goes on to talk about her journey with the Trinka AI team that started with just two people and how they built Trinka from scratch through trial and errors. She talked about how her main goal is to help researchers, mainly English Second Language Researchers to help them mitigate their challenges and write easily.

She feels that Trinka AI can help researchers through their discovery tools and summarization tools, to understand where their research is placed, viz-a-viz past research. Trinka also helps researchers write fluently and meet all journal compliances with its writing features and journal submission guide.

For those in niche fields, such as orthopaedic surgery, it may be useful to import a custom dictionary into Word. This ensures that Word does not flag words specific to your field as errors. You can import a custom dictionary from the internet or make one yourself.

She goes on to chalk out the future path of the Trinka podcast by talking about how it could explore more AI-based tools like ChatGPT and how to harness it for research-writing. Also, how to navigate different grammar and language tools to become better academic writers every day, irrespective of what their native language is.

The interview ends with a very fun segment where Dr. KK asks her questions ranging from her favorite breakfast to the one book she would like to take with her to an island.

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