10 most phonetically pleasing words in the English language

Every language is beautiful and pleasing to the ears in their own way and English is no exception. The English language as we know and use it today at an international level has gone through centuries of evolution, transformation, and cross-pollination. There are millions of words in the English vocabulary. The language is also constantly changing with new words (e.g., adulting) being added to the dictionary while some other words (e.g., the chemical name of the protein Titin which takes three hours to pronounce) becoming obsolete and being removed from the dictionary.

Here we present 10 words—in no particular order—which we at Trinka feel are some of the most beautiful words in the English dictionary. This is mainly because these words are phonetically pleasing to the ears and lend a nice rhythm to one’s conversations. We hope you use these words more often in your daily lives and enrich your English vocabulary.

  1. Robust (adj.)


Meaning: Strong and rich.

Arabica coffee beans have a robust flavor.

  1. Paraphernalia (n.)


Meaning: miscellaneous articles that are part of a particular activity or event

I was amazed by the entire paraphernalia at the carnival.

  1. Euphoria (n.)


Meaning: Intense excitement or joy

After getting through the selection process of her dream college, Brenda was in a state of euphoria.

  1. Bibliophile (n.)


Meaning: A collector and lover of books

Mr Kay is a bibliophile and he does not lend the books in his collection to anybody.

  1. Affable (adj.)


Meaning: A friendly and easy-going person

The new assistant at the law firm is an affable fellow.

  1. Decadence (n.)


Meaning: Excessive self-indulgence often leading to a moral, social, mental, and physical decline

Celebrities are often believed to lead lives of decadence.

  1. Conjecture (n.)


Meaning: An opinion or conclusion arrived at based on insufficient information

Is the company actually bankrupt or is it just conjecture?

  1. Delectable (adj.)


Meaning: Extremely delicious

Mrs Black had made the most delectable chocolate cake for her daughter’s birthday.

  1. Petrichor (n.)


Meaning: the earthy scent produced when rain falls on dry soil

If someone asks me what my favourite smells are it would definitely include petrichor.

  1. Memorabilia (n.)


Meaning: Things that have value due to its association with a memorable public or private event

The décor of that restaurant was full of sports memorabilia.

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