What is the difference between advice and advise?

When someone gives you an opinion, should you thank them for their advice or advise? Well, if you have ever wondered about the difference between the two words or have used them interchangeably, you are not alone! Advice and advise are among the most commonly confused words because they are both used to refer to a suggestion or an idea.

Let us decipher the nuances of these words so that you never confuse one for the other again.

When is advice used?

Advice is a noun; it is the suggestion or recommendation you give someone else. Note that it is an uncountable noun, so advices is a definite no-no. For instance,

  • I never ask for Tony’s advice on buying gadgets because he is not tech-savvy.
  • My researcher friend speaks English fluently, so I decided to take her advice on improving the quality of English in my manuscript.  

When is advise used?

Advise is a verb; it is you telling or urging someone to do something for their betterment or progress. For instance,

  • The teacher advised her students to read newspapers to improve their vocabulary and communication skills. 
  • My professor advised me to use a good writing tool to make my scholarly writing clear and error free.

Advice and advise are pronounced differently, too. Advice ends with an “s” sound, while advise ends with a “z” sound.

Now that you know the difference between advice and advise, it’s time you start using them consciously and amaze the readers with your clarity on these two words!

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