“And” VS. “Or”- What is the Difference?

 Two conjunctions ─ and as well as or ─ are a part of almost every sentence. Can you imagine how vague and ambiguous sentences would be without these conjunctions? So, let’s offer some insights on how to use and as well as or correctly for clear and effective writing.

When to use and?

And is used to connect or join two or more phrases, words, sentences, etc. It is also used to introduce an additional clause. It is imperative to be mindful of using and as it can only be used to connect  an additional clause or a word at a time. For instance,

Incorrect: Sam and Tom, and Harry went to the park.

Correct: Sam, Tom, and Harry went to the park.

Here are some more examples.

  • I eat only bread and butter for breakfast.
  • She had to choose between biology and chemistry and it was very hard ─ she loved both the subjects.
  • We conducted an experiment on radioactive compounds and isotopes.

When to use or?

Or is used to connect two or more possibilities, options, or alternatives. For instance,

  • She had to choose either singing or dancing; not both.
  • He had to rush, or else he would have missed the train.
  • We could test either metformin or teneligliptin on the subject.

We hope you enjoyed learning the and/or distinction and will employ these correctly in your writing.

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