Prepositions are essential words that convey relationships between nouns (or pronouns) and other elements in a sentence. They indicate spatial, temporal, or logical connections, helping to clarify the positions, directions, or conditions of objects or ideas in relation to one another.


  • The book is on the table (indicating location).
  • She arrived after the meeting (indicating time).
  • They went to the park for a picnic (indicating purpose).

Prepositional Phrases

Prepositional phrases consist of a preposition, its object (usually a noun or pronoun), and any accompanying modifiers. These phrases function as adjectives or adverbs within a sentence, providing additional information about location, time, direction, or manner.


The cat is sitting on the windowsill (prepositional phrase modifying the verb “is sitting”).

She read the book with great interest (prepositional phrase modifying the verb “read”).

They met under the bridge (prepositional phrase modifying the verb “met”).