Types of Sentence Structures

The Different Types of Sentence Structures in English Grammar

In English grammar, various sentence structures can enhance the organization, interest, and professionalism of your speech or writing. Commonly used sentence structures include:

1. Subject + Verb
2. Subject + Verb + Object
3. Subject + Verb + Complement
4. Subject + Verb + Adjunct
5. Subject + Verb + Object + Complement
6. Subject + Verb + Object + Adjunct
7. Subject + Verb + Indirect Object + Direct Object
8. Adjunct + Subject + Verb + Complement
9. Adjunct + Subject + Verb + Object
10. Adjunct + Subject + Verb + Indirect Object + Direct Object
11. Subject + Verb + Adjunct + Adjunct
12. Adjunct + Subject + Verb + Adjunct + Adjunct

Examples of Sentence Structure:

Examining examples can aid in understanding how each sentence structure operates. Here are a few illustrations:

1) Subject + Verb:
• The wind whispers through the trees.
• The baby giggles uncontrollably.
• The computer processes data quickly.
• The raindrops patter on the rooftop.
• The chef prepares a delectable meal.

2) Subject + Verb + Object:

• She bakes a batch of chewy brownies.
• The gardener cultivates vibrant flowers.
• We watched an intriguing documentary.
• The students completed challenging assignments.
• He constructed a sturdy wooden bookshelf.

3) Subject + Verb + Complement:

• The evening sky turns vibrant hues.
• The performance was exceptionally captivating.
• Her kindness remains unparalleled.
• The journey feels exhilarating.
• The solution appears straightforward.

4) Subject + Verb + Adjunct:

• The sun sets beautifully behind the mountains.
• Unexpectedly, they discovered a hidden cave.
• She sings passionately in the shower.
• During the storm, the waves crash dramatically.
• He exercises rigorously every morning.

5) Subject + Verb + Object + Complement:

• The magician performed mesmerizing illusions.
• They found a treasure chest buried in the sand.
• We consider the project a remarkable success.
• She painted her room a calming shade of blue.
• The chef cooked us a delicious three-course meal.

6) Subject + Verb + Object + Adjunct:

• The artist painted a masterpiece on the canvas during the art show.
• The team completed the project under tight deadlines successfully.
• She wrote a heartfelt letter to her grandmother on a rainy afternoon.
• They built a sandcastle on the beach with intricate details.
• He composed a beautiful melody on the piano after weeks of inspiration.

7) Subject + Verb + Indirect Object + Direct Object:

• The director awarded the actors prestigious trophies at the ceremony.
• She gave her brother a hand-knit sweater for his birthday.
• The teacher assigned the students an exciting literature assignment.
• The chef served the guests a mouth-watering three-course meal.
• The company offered the employees generous bonuses for their hard work.

8) Adjunct + Subject + Verb + Complement:

• Under the moonlight, the garden appears enchanting.
• On weekends, the beach remains a popular destination for families.
• After the storm, the city seemed oddly peaceful.
• During the ceremony, the atmosphere felt overwhelmingly joyous.
• In the morning, her energy becomes remarkably contagious.

9) Adjunct + Subject + Verb + Object:

• During the holiday, we explored ancient ruins in the archaeological site.
• In the garden, we planted a variety of colorful flowers.
• At the carnival, they won a giant stuffed bear with great excitement.
• On summer weekends, families often visit the local amusement park.
• In the library, students study diligently for upcoming exams.

10) Adjunct + Subject + Verb + Indirect Object + Direct Object:

• Today, the coach handed the team members their well-deserved medals with pride.
• After the play, my parents bought my sister and me delicious ice cream as a treat.
• Every summer, my uncle sends my cousins and me intriguing postcards from his travels.
• During the festival, the organizers gave the attendees colorful wristbands as tokens.
• In the morning, the teacher distributed the students their graded assignments.

11) Subject + Verb + Adjunct + Adjunct:

• The commuters travel to work by train every weekday morning.
• On Saturdays, we meet for brunch in the cozy cafe with friends.
• After school, she goes to the library to study diligently.
• During the holidays, families often gather to celebrate joyously.
• In the evening, the city lights up beautifully as the sun sets.

12) Adjunct + Subject + Verb + Adjunct + Adjunct:

• In the morning, my grandmother prepares breakfast for the entire family lovingly.
• Last summer, my friends and I explored hidden waterfalls in the mountains joyfully.
• Occasionally, my sister and I enjoy stargazing on the rooftop peacefully.
• During the holidays, families often travel to distant places for vacations excitedly.
• On weekends, the city comes alive with various cultural events vibrantly.